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November 2010
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Low Rates and Mortgage Friendly Guidelines

Let’s be honest, low interest rates and mortgage friendly guidelines drive the housing market. Mortgage lenders and banks continue to ask borrowers for more loan documentation. The streamline refinance is the one exception for tighter guidelines. This unique refinance loan does not require income documentation and in some cases no appraisals.

Having record low mortgage rates with tight lending guidelines will not help the housing sector rebound. We have had record low rates for 3 straight years and the home sales remain sluggish. Historically low home loan rates are a crucial component of record affordability for home buyers, but lack of confidence in the market and fear of further price declines are challenges that are outweighing that factor, Credit Suisse analysts wrote Wednesday. Record low interest rates have dominated mortgage news for most of 2012. The fact is that lenders stopped approving bad credit equity loans. Many consumers are hoping that lenders ease some of the lending requirements in the year to come.

Existing home sales were down in all 50 states in the 3rd quarter with double-digit year-over-year declines in 47 states, the result of weakened demand after the homebuyer tax credit. In new construction, housing starts in October were at a seasonally adjusted annual rate of 519,000, down 1.9% from the October 2009 rate and 11.7% below September’s rate, the Census Bureau and Department of Housing and Urban Development reported Wednesday.


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