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November 2010
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Credit Qulifications for Best Mortgage Refinance Rates

More than ever, credit has become the driving factor for borrowers to qualify for the best mortgage refinance rates.  Good credit borrowers are finally being rewards with mortgage refinance rates at their lowest point in 50-years. 

In today’s market, borrowers with high credit scores are eligible for conforming, jumbo and FHA rates below 4% with fixed rate mortgage refinancing terms. Qualifying for a low rate home refinance is no easy task as most mortgage lenders have significantly tightened their lending guidelines. With refinance rates this low, you can imagine that there is quite a frenzy of homeowners trying to lock into today’s record breaking rates. And unlike in late 2008, when rates started their plunge to historic lows, many home loan lenders say they are rushing to accommodate the influx in applications.

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  1. Home Loan Interest Rates posted on November 6, 2010:

    Interest rates on home mortgages have never been more attractive! [...] Credit Qulifications for Best Mortgage Refinance Rates | Mortgage Rate News [...]

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